Important Maintenance Tips For Owners Of Hydraulic Wheelchair Lifts

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Important Maintenance Tips For Owners Of Hydraulic Wheelchair Lifts

9 October 2015
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Any type of physical disability that causes immobility can make life tough, especially when you are confined to a wheelchair. If you use a hydraulic wheelchair lift, you may have found how much it helps you to maintain a higher level of independence. Because of your dependence on your wheelchair lift, making sure you know the best ways to take care of it is extremely important. Check out these tips for helping you maintain the comfort and durability of your hydraulic lift.

Operating Your Lift With Care Matters

Avoiding being in too much of a rush when using your lift is important for reducing the risk of unnecessary repairs. Letting your lift down onto uneven ground and adding the weight of your wheelchair to that can cause issues with a hydraulic lift. Too much weight on the lift platform while it is on uneven ground can create pressure on the springs, which increases their wear and tear. Avoid folding the lift's platform into vehicle doors that are not fully opened as well. If someone is in charge of operating your lift, be sure to instruct them about the safest way of doing so to avoid expensive repairs and operation failure.

Hydraulic Fluid And Spring Lubrication Increases The Life Of A Hydraulic Lift

Using the correct type of hydraulic fluid is essential for your wheelchair lift to run smoothly. Choosing hydraulic fluid that is formulated for use in all temperatures is important to remember. Making sure springs are always lubricated is another important aspect of maintaining the smoothest operation. Experts recommend using Teflon-based lubricants about every 45 days. Depending on usage, applying a lubricant may also be applied every three thousand miles as well.

Improper Maintenance Can Equal Higher Repairs For Broken Parts

When you do keep a regular schedule for the maintenance necessary for your hydraulic wheelchair lift, you risk it failing and you also risk vital parts breaking. When parts are broken, you will need to contact the lift's manufacturer for replacement parts. The time your lift is down is also time you may be unable to travel anywhere. This could be risky if you depend on your vehicle and lift for getting you to your job or an important doctor's appointment.

The money you spend for a hydraulic wheelchair lift is a wise investment in your independence and mobility. Maintaining your lift is another important investment as well. If you are unable to take care of the maintenance necessary for your hydraulic lift, contacting a manufacturer or supplier like those at can help you learn more about specially trained technicians that will be glad to handle all regular maintenance for you.

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