Useful Tips For Purchasing Used Optometry Equipment

My mother moved in. I’m going to share more about the medical equipment and supplies we have in the house. I hope that will help others in similar situations.

Useful Tips For Purchasing Used Optometry Equipment

21 October 2015
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Saving money in your eye clinic is important, so you may be considering the purchase of used ophthalmology equipment. While buying a used chair and light may be easy, you need to pay closer attention to the other types of equipment like a retinal camera. If you have never bought used equipment before, following a few tips for doing so is wise.

Inquire About Service And Warranties 

Some used medical equipment dealers offer warranties for the equipment they have refurbished. Generally, a warranty for refurbished equipment is not as long as it would be for new equipment. For this reason, making sure the dealer you are considering does offer servicing at an affordable price after the warranty has expired is a good idea. A reputable dealer will offer repair services after your warranty is expired. However, you will usually be responsible for the cost of parts and labor.

Look For Clinics That Have Recently Closed

If a clinic is closing, learning more about what the doctor plans to do with his or her equipment is a good way to get quality used equipment at a good price. Keeping up with the clinics near you is the best way to learn about closing due to circumstances like retirement. If you are able to see the equipment in the clinic is was used in the most, you will have a good idea about whether or not it will be a worthwhile purchase. Keep in mind the demand for used medical is high because of the declining economy, so putting the word out to your colleagues about your interest in buying used equipment is a good idea for catching events like clinic closing or other types of private sales.

Equipment That Will Remain On The Forefront Of Technology

One thing to remember when considering the purchase of used medical equipment is how long it will remain a piece of advanced equipment. For example, if you decide to purchase a retinal camera, making sure it uses only the latest in imaging technology is important. You certainly do not want to buy equipment you will not be able to use efficiently a year or so later.

Check Out Past Service Schedules For Used Equipment

Avoid the purchase of any equipment if the seller cannot produce paperwork describing the piece's past schedule for maintenance and repairs. If a piece of equipment has been properly maintained, the chances it will provide you with longer, more efficient service are greater. Remember you can only save money purchasing used equipment if it lasts long enough to be worth it.

Everyone these days is thinking of how to save money and how to make the money they have go the farthest. By making the right choices about used ophthalmic equipment, you can save a lot of cash while getting what you need to provide the best eye care for your patients.

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