Recent Spinal Cord Injury Home Modification Tips

My mother moved in. I’m going to share more about the medical equipment and supplies we have in the house. I hope that will help others in similar situations.

Recent Spinal Cord Injury Home Modification Tips

8 November 2015
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It's estimated that as many as 12,000 people suffer spinal cord injuries each year, with paralysis being an overwhelming symptom of this injury. When an individual is injured in this type of manner, it isn't just taxing on them, but it is also taxing on their family members. This is especially the case when it comes to home modification. The responsibility of modifying the home to be more conducive to the functionality limits of the injured is the role of the family, which can often be challenging.

Chair Lift

Whether your loved one has a complete or incomplete spinal cord injury, having assistance getting them up and down the stairs in your home will be vital. Consider installing a chair lift to assist in this area. Depending on the mobility needs of your loved one, a chair lift can be installed as a free-standing chair or as a unit that can accommodate a wheelchair.

Additionally, chair lifts can be installed on just about any type of stair configuration. Regardless of the style, any option will offer a secure way to transport your loved one around the home.   

Grab Bars

While there is no cure for this type of injury, prompt treatment and dedicated rehabilitation can help minimize mobility concerns. Grab bars can help encourage your loved one to perform movements on their own. For some people, an unwillingness to move on their own is due to a fear that they will fall.

Grab bars can encourage more movement because they offer balance, help lessen some of the fatigue that comes along with trying to move on your own, and most importantly, make the person using them feel more secure. All of these qualities are important for recovery.

Alternating Pressure Mattress

Particularly if your loved one has suffered a complete spinal cord injury, they will be relegated to the bed for an extended period of time. Staying in the same position for too long can hinder proper circulation and increase the risk of bed sores. An alternating pressure mattress can help in this area.

This type of mattress is designed to stimulate movement by increasing and decreasing pressure along certain parts of the mattress, automatically. Best of all, the changes in the pressure along the mattress are undetectable by your loved one, leaving them undisturbed.

Make sure you are speaking with the medical team of your loved to ensure you are modifying the home in a way that will keep them comfortable, but also help foster an environment of recovery.Contact a handicapped equipment and supplies dealer for more information.

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