Treatments For Sleep Apnea

My mother moved in. I’m going to share more about the medical equipment and supplies we have in the house. I hope that will help others in similar situations.

Treatments For Sleep Apnea

24 January 2016
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Sleep apnea affects approximately 18 million Americans, making it a serious national problem. When you have sleep apnea, you stop breathing for a period of time, and this interruption can occur hundreds of times a night. As a result, you do not get the amount of deep sleep you need to keep your body functioning properly, leading to an increased mortality risk. Fortunately, if you are diagnosed with this problem, you will have several treatment options. You need to understand the benefits of each before you choose. 

Oral Appliances

For mild or moderate cases of sleep apnea, your doctor may recommend an oral appliance. These devices are specially molded to fit you and help to keep the soft tissue in your mouth from relaxing into your airway and blocking it at night. Experts caution that you should not purchase over-the-counter appliances because they will have a limited effect on your condition. You need to visit a dental professional to have your jaw and mouth evaluated and properly measured for your oral appliance. Although the CPAP machine is recommended for certain cases of sleep apnea, not everyone can tolerate this treatment because they find it too uncomfortable. In those cases, your doctor may prescribe an oral appliance for you instead of the CPAP.


The CPAP machine (continuous positive airway pressure therapy) is used in more severe cases of sleep apnea. The machine provides "pressurized air" that keeps you breathing evenly all night, eliminating the episodes where you stop breathing. You will have to wear a mask that is hooked up to the machine by hoses. The CPAP is very effective in treating the condition, but not everyone tolerates the treatment well. In some cases, your doctor will also prescribe an oral appliance to be used in conjunction with the CPAP to make it more effective for you. Sometimes, two treatments are better than one. 


Once you begin treatment for sleep apnea, you should find relief from snoring and feel much more energetic during the day. You may find that your blood pressure is lower and any heart conditions may improve. In short, you should feel better and be healthier in a matter of days. 

Sleep apnea is a common ailment that affects millions of Americans. If you snore loudly and experience constant daytime drowsiness, you may suffer from this condition. Your physician may have you undergo a sleep study to determine whether you have sleep apnea or not. If you are diagnosed, one of several treatments can improve your life along with cpap supplies

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