3 Excellent Uses For A Veterinary Ultrasound

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3 Excellent Uses For A Veterinary Ultrasound

29 December 2016
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Almost all veterinary hospitals are going to have access to a veterinary ultrasound. This ultrasound is going to be much like an ultrasound machine that is used on human patients, and has the same basic features and capabilities. Just as human patients can be diagnosed and assessed for certain medical conditions with the use of an ultrasound, animals can be as well. This is a great tool to use because it is completely non-invasive and it uses sound waves to create an image from inside of the body. This article is going to discuss three excellent uses of a veterinary ultrasound. 


When an animal is pregnant, it can be very beneficial to be able to see how the babies are developing inside. This can allow the vet to know how far along the animal is in her pregnancy, how many babies are located inside of the uterus, the placement of the babies, the health of the babies, and more. This is both helpful during the pregnancy, as well as during labor and delivery when monitoring both the mother and the babies is very important. This can help the vet to see if the mother is going to be able to deliver the babies vaginally, if they need to try and reposition the babies within the uterus, or if the animal is going to need to have a c-section. In some cases, the use of an ultrasound can be a life saving tool for an animal that is not able to deliver on their own because it allows the vet to know that they need to step in. 


If it is suspected that your animal may have a tumor, then an ultrasound is going to be an effective way to look at the tumor. The ultrasound is going to allow the veterinarian to determine if the mass is a benign tumor or if it is a malignant tumor. However, sometimes just looking at the tumor with the ultrasound may not be able to diagnose this. In these cases the veterinarian is going to use an ultrasound to guide them while they get a sample of the tumor using a needle. This sample is then going to be tested to see if the tumor is benign and malignant and further treatment will be suggested.

Foreign Objects 

Sometimes animals ingest foreign objects that we don't want them to. If you think your animal has done this, but you are unsure, or if you are worried about what they ingested, then taking your animal into the vet for an ultrasound can be very effective. The ultrasound will not only be able to find whether or not your animal ingested something, but it can also help you to see exactly what it is and if your animal is going to be able to pass the object regularly. To find out more, speak with someone like Keebovet.

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