Helping Your Elderly Parent Remain Comfortable at Home

My mother moved in. I’m going to share more about the medical equipment and supplies we have in the house. I hope that will help others in similar situations.

Useful Tips For Purchasing Used Optometry Equipment

21 October 2015
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Saving money in your eye clinic is important, so you may be considering the purchase of used ophthalmology equipment. While buying a used chair and light may be easy, you need to pay closer attention to the other types of equipment like a retinal camera. If you have never bought used equipment before, following a few tips for doing so is wise. Inquire About Service And Warranties  Some used medical equipment dealers offer warranties for the equipment they have refurbished. Read More …

3 Reasons Medical Devices Should Be Tested Before Going On The Market

12 October 2015
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Medical devices are modern-day miracles. There is so much innovation that allows you to live a healthy life, even if you have a disability or disease. Not only are there treatments and medications being developed every year to address serious illnesses, but devices are also being built and tested to assist the sick to live normal lives. Assistive medical devices need to be tested to ensure that they meet quality control standards and that they are safe to use. Read More …

Important Maintenance Tips For Owners Of Hydraulic Wheelchair Lifts

9 October 2015
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Any type of physical disability that causes immobility can make life tough, especially when you are confined to a wheelchair. If you use a hydraulic wheelchair lift, you may have found how much it helps you to maintain a higher level of independence. Because of your dependence on your wheelchair lift, making sure you know the best ways to take care of it is extremely important. Check out these tips for helping you maintain the comfort and durability of your hydraulic lift. Read More …

3 Signs Your Child’s Hearing Aid Earmold Doesn’t Fit Correctly Anymore

7 October 2015
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If your young child wears a hearing aid, you as a parent bear much of the responsibility for ensuring that he or she wears it and that it works and fits correctly. Because young children grow so quickly, it's recommended that you get a new earmold for the hearing aid frequently. Your child may not grow at an average rate of speed, though, and if he or she is growing faster than expected (such as during a growth spurt) it's possible that the earmold will stop fitting well in even less time than you hoped. Read More …

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Helping Your Elderly Parent Remain Comfortable at Home

Hi. My name is Mitch Jacobs. My wife and I have raised our two children up until last year we lived alone. That was when my mother moved in with us. Mom is 89 years old. As one would expect, she has a few medical issues. In particular, my mother has back problems, suffers from a minor heart condition, and gout. When setting up Mom’s room, we decided it would be best to have a special bed. Her bed is similar to those in hospitals. Being able to raise to a sitting position helps her to be able to get in and out of the bed. The bed isn’t the only medical equipment we had to get. I’m going to share more about the medical equipment and supplies we have in the house. I hope that what I have to share will help others in similar situations.